Dental implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth. We have used Bicon implants since 2006 and have an excellent success rate.

Bicon titanium posts integrate into the jaw bone and form a solid new ‘root’ onto which crowns and other restorations can be fixed. Most implants take just 30 minutes to place and only require a routine local anaesthetic.

Bicon implants have been available since 1985 and are widely used by practitioners in the UK and worldwide. This coverage is a crucial factor when choosing your implant, and you’re safe in the knowledge that, were maintenance ever needed in, say, 20 years from now, you’ll be able to return to us or find another Bicon practitioner convenient to your location to help you.

Implants cost £1700 inclusive of the crown, (ask about our Interest free finance options) and carry a five year guarantee. For more information, see

Will the implant procedure hurt?

Most patients find that there is far less discomfort after implant placement than after a tooth extraction.

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