Adult Braces

Crooked teeth can significantly affect a person’s self-confidence. Many adults report a reluctance to smile fully because of how their teeth appear; they always try and keep their lips together limiting how genuine their smile seems to others.

The good news is modern dentistry now addresses the issue of crooked teeth with Short Term Orthodontics or STO.

STO is orthodontics aimed purely at correcting the teeth that show, not the teeth at the back which are usually functioning perfectly well even if they are not in an ‘ideal’ position. As a result STO can straighten crooked teeth in just a few months rather than the years it takes for full conventional orthodontics.

We offer both fixed and removable adult braces; everything from the clear ‘Invisalign’ type appliances to fixed ‘train tracks’ all of them designed for the adult user so minimal cosmetic impact and short treatment times are the priority.
Each system has its pros and cons so discussion with the dentist is essential to decide which system is right for you.

If you have always wanted straighter teeth there is solution available… with STO starting from as little as £1250 for mild crowding you could have straight teeth and smile with confidence by the time your next check up is due!

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