Tooth whitening

Over the years our teeth stain from food and drink consumed as well as habits such as smoking. Tooth whitening is a simple, safe and effective way to improve the look of your teeth and contributes to a generally more healthy and youthful appearance.

Not all teeth are suitable for bleaching and it won’t alter the colour of any fillings or crowns. This will all be discussed and explained to you by your dentist before going ahead with dental bleaching but once you decide to go ahead, a dental impression will be taken so that a plastic bleaching tray can be made to custom fit your teeth. You are then supplied with bleaching gel and instructions and the rest is done at home – simple!

Once you have achieved the desired amount of whitening the results usually last for a couple of years but once you have the trays and gel you can top up the effect when ever you like. Smokers or those who drink a lot of coffee etc may find it necessary to top up every few months.

Used properly under the prescription of your dentist tooth bleaching does not damage teeth at all but some of the cheaper alternatives available online or through salons are not dentally compatible and can weaken the tooth surface, so if you are considering tooth whitening please do consult your dentist for the best advice.

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